Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent lamp is using electricity to excite mercury vapor, fluorescent lamp is also can be defined as a gas-discharge lamp. After the mercury being excited by electricity, its atoms is producing a short wave of an ultraviolet light then cause the phosphor inside the lamp to produce light that is visible. Fluorescent lamp is more efficient than an incandescent lamp being compared by the electrical power conversion. Fluorescent lamp consume lower energy, this typically will offset the higher cost of the fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamp is more costly compare to incandescent lamp because fluorescent lamp to regulate the flow of current through the lamp requires ballast.

Fluorescent lamps largely are being mostly used in commercial buildings all over the world. For homes usage, compact fluorescent lamp is being used to save the energy usage. Fluorescent lamps last longer compared to incandescent lamps but the down point of fluorescent lamps are more complex, bulkier, poorer color rendition and contain mercury.

Fluorescent starts up by ionizing the mercury atoms in the fluorescent tube. It does not need much voltage for small fluorescent lamp to strike the arc but for fluorescent lamps that have larger tubes require a substantial voltage, a large amount with the range of thousand volts is needed to strike the arc.

Some fluorescent lamps in the market is using electronic ballasts. Electronic ballasts are using transistors while regulating the current flow in the fluorescent lamp. The electronics ballasts are actually increase the lamp efficiency by converting the incoming power to an output frequency in excess of 20 kHz.

Fluorescent lamp can be found in the market in plenty sizes and shapes. The most popular fluorescent lamp in the market currently is the compact fluorescent lamp. Integrating the auxiliary electronics into the base of the fluorescent lamp, allows the auxiliary electronics to fit into regular light bulb socket which make the fluorescent lamp becomes compact. The usage of fluorescent lamp is mainly in the school and commercial building as fluorescent lamp is more efficient and cost savings. Fluorescent lamps usages are being encouraged replacing incandescent lamps for the energy saving consideration.

Fluorescent lamp cannot use the same dimmer switch as incandescent lamps. Fluorescent lamp dimmer installation requires compatible dimmer ballast. The fluorescent dimmer system using dimming ballast keep the cathodes of the fluorescent tube fully heated even when the current is reduced in the arc. Some compact fluorescent lamps are compatible to work in a lighting dimmer circuit.

School house lighting and commercial building lighting is the most common market for the usage of fluorescent lamp for indoor and outdoor lighting. As an energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp is one of the leading lamp in the world.